E-mail marketing is a form of direct, personalized marketing, which uses – depending on a number of factors – the following tools such as newsletter, mailing, press release, autoresponder. Is email marketing effective?

Tools used in email marketing:

newsletter – the most popular type of communication with a potential customer. It should contain messages that are not on the company’s website (so-called premium content). It is usually sent with a fixed frequency and always in two formats – HTML and text. The newsletter is intended for recipients who the sender particularly cares about when building lasting relationships

mailing – this is a type of newsletter that relates to a specific, selected offer. It is typically sales-oriented and its purpose is to persuade you to buy the presented good or service. It does not have to be regular. Mailing that contains offers for several goods or services is called a directory and should be sent regularly

announcement – this is additional information for the addressee, referring to one offer (main information) and the action carried out in relation to it (call-to-action), e.g. “Buy pots in the promotion, you can only do it until tomorrow”

press release – this is a type of email that is more from the border of public relations, because it relates to the company and its image, not to selling the product. It can take the form of, e.g. “From the life of the company X”

autoresponder – a message that is sent automatically by the system, after determining its form and content and specifying the shipping parameters.

Is email marketing effective?

Still at the station

Email marketing, in the general consciousness, is sometimes treated as a promotional tool of a worse category. Is that right The answer is obvious – no. Perhaps this concept does not shine on the pages of portals, giving way to recently popular social media, but it has to offer a lot of advantages and possibilities, inaccessible from other tools. This is clearly demonstrated by research that places email marketing as the most effective sales support technique next to SEO and CPC.

You reach the right people

In email marketing you have a database of people who know your brand and are potentially interested in your offer. Maybe they have already bought your product or service, and this, according to statistics, increases the likelihood of another transaction. Thanks to email marketing you don’t shoot every time with an advertising message in the open ocean, but in the lake that you know well 🙂

Effective Email Marketing

  • create your own e-mail database, preferably via forms on the website, people interested in your offer subscribe to it, which will make marketing targeted at them much more effective,
  • personalize messages, send specially prepared offers tailored to the needs of a specific recipient,
  • take care of the graphics, the message should be transparent, clearly show the goal and encourage to take action,
  • send messages up to every 14 days, a higher frequency can only discourage users,
  • shipments must be responsive as more and more people check their mail through mobile devices.



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