The “broke student” stereotype is part of our culture. To the point that some students use it as a badge of honor, bragging about how they managed to survive only with instant noodles. Although we are primarily concerned about economy and resourcefulness, we believe that the “broke student” stereotype is a limiting belief. How to make money as a college student from home?

Run the Udemy or Skillshare course

So far, we’ve talked about how to make money by selling your skills directly. But you can also take things to the next level and teach others your skills. One of the biggest challenges involved in starting an online course is finding students, and here Udemy or Skillshare can help. They provide students and you provide a course. Instead, they charge a percentage of what you download.

The advantage of an online course is that once you create it, you can manage it with minimal effort. You will need to update the material from time to time (especially if you teach people how to use the software), but otherwise the course may start itself. FTW passive income!

Complete online surveys

Companies like Survey Junkie and InboxDollars will pay you hard cash for feedback. I estimate around $ 500 potential earnings every month or two.

Be a virtual assistant

Do you like to organize, reserve tickets and perform other administrative tasks? It looks like you’ll love being a virtual assistant!

How to make money as a college student from home?

Complete tasks online

Do you want to get extra cake just from watching movies and surfing the internet? It is too easy with Swagbucks. You can even get a FREE $ 5 bonus by signing up today.

Graphic works

If you have done and like graphic design, check out sites such as 99designs, Upwork or PeoplePerHour, where you can find design work.

Design t-shirts and sell them on Shopify

Starting selling t-shirts with sites like Shopify is cheap – and it can bring great rewards. If you’re good at making funny sayings – or you think you can create a project that people will love, then – what are you waiting for ?!

Manage social media for companies

Social media management is something you can offer as part of the virtual assistant package. But if you are interested in building followers on social media or working in the field after graduation, you can build greater authority by offering only social media management services.

Campus IT support

Are you a little wizard when it comes to solving computer crashes? Then you could probably find a job as an IT support assistant on campus.

User testing

Companies are constantly creating new websites – and they need people like you to test them. Check for testing tasks.

Independent writing

Do you like to write Companies constantly need copywriters! Check job offers such as Freelancer or ProBlogger.

Most customers will want to see the portfolio (which is very easy and FREE to create on sites like JournoPortfolio)!



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