The insurance card is not intended to remain in your wallet. Is to appear in the doctor’s office when you need medical care. Theoretically, insurance should help you pay for the services you need. Can insurance cover LASIK?

When it comes to laser-assisted keratosis (LASIK), the reality is slightly different. Insurance companies often consider LASIK an optional cosmetic procedure, which means that they rarely cover the entire cost. Although there are some plans that offer some LASIK coverage, many don’t. Reading the policy carefully can help you understand your financial responsibility, and if you don’t have LASIK insurance, you can still have payment options available.

How to pay for LASIK

If your insurance plan does not cover the entire cost of LASIK, there are many options that can minimize the burden on your budget. Here are four ways to make paying for the LASIK procedure easier.

  1. Financing

Looking at the total cost of the procedure can be overwhelming, dividing it into smaller amounts that you pay over time can make it easier to master. Browse financing options, such as payment plans, at the eye doctor’s office.

Also, consider applying for a health care credit card, such as CareCredit, which allows you to finance non-insured medical expenses.

  1. Flexible Expense Account (FSA)

Plan your medical expenses in advance using a flexible expense account to which you spend dollars before tax, which you can use for withdrawals, deductions and other eligible medical costs. If your employer offers this benefit, FSA is a reasonable way to save on planned medical expenses, such as LASIK surgery.

To estimate the amount allocated to a calendar year, sum up your average annual medical expenses from your pocket and add any planned purchases (such as glasses) or procedures for the coming year. Remember that you must use all funds in the FSA during the calendar year, otherwise you will lose them.

Can insurance cover LASIK?
  1. Health Savings Account (HSA)

Like a flexible spending account, a savings account allows you to use your pre-tax dollars to cover benefits, deductions, and other eligible out-of-pocket medical costs. If you have high deductible insurance (over USD 1,350 per person or over USD 2,700 per family), you can qualify for HSA through your insurance company. Your bank or other financial institution may also offer this type of savings account.

  1. Special offers

Ask your ophthalmologist for discounts or special offers on the healthcare market that can be used in the LASIK procedure. Third-party discount sites may also offer special promotions on LASIK, but be careful.

Find a surgeon you can trust

Finding a professional who can perform a delicate operation in front of your eyes while remaining healthy can be a bit intimidating. We can help. We have a network of doctors around the country who can provide you with the care you need, at an affordable price, with a safety profile you can trust.



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