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If you’re thinking about purchasing, use our Loom and Leaf coupon code and you will save money. When you think of a platform bed frame, what do you see? Now let me ask you when you think of a mattress, what do you see? Maybe you haven’t seen one rolled up and vacuum sealed in a box with wheels.

Loom and Leaf Coupon

You know, the mattresses in a box everyone raves about these days. If you know what I’m talking about, you know that leaves out the delivery driver. There are frames that you can buy that are easily assembled and don’t require any tools.

If you’re wondering how I know so much about them, it’s because I bought one for my own bedroom. You see, I was unsure about what to buy for a bed for quite some time. I knew that beds cost a significant amount of money, and so I just went with what I had. The bed was fine, but the frame was old, not real wood and outdated. To be frank, it was essentially a fake wood frame that amounts to the metal ones you get for free when you purchase from some companies. Search for things like loom and leaf discount code to find the best deal.

The beds were from 2006, at least, so that means as you’re reading this, they have certainly outlived their warranties. We’re talking about hotel quality innerspring ones. The commercials were good to be sure, but they were outdated as of 2014. That was two years after I moved in, and I waited another four years after that before it was time for me to buy the right bed. And boy am I glad I waited, and I’m so happy with the new bed that I have.

You can save money on a Loom and Leaf platform bed in many ways. Yet I would suggest the way that I did it as perhaps the cheapest way to get a premium bed. You see, the product was just under $400. There is no need for a box spring. In fact, some would say that the protector on the bottom would mean there is no need for a frame. That may be true, but I wanted my bed elevated.

I have bad memories of using a sleeping surface without a frame, stemming from not having enough money. So I might need an adjustment if no frame is the way to go in modern times. I will tell you, however, that there is a frame you can buy to put your mattress in a box on, and you don’t need a box spring, as mentioned.

The frame I purchased is a sturdy, nice metal frame that was just over $100. It provides excellent support, and it is excellent. Are you thinking about buying a bed in a box?

When I was first introduced to them, I wondered what I was reading. It had to be a joke. So I know what you might be thinking. Yet I ended up discovering that they are some of the best ones out there especially when you use a coupon. The companies just make it easier and cheaper to get them home and set them up.

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