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A recent summer article published by the Washington Post has claimed that in the last four years, more and more homeowners are purchasing a bed in a box.

Be sure to use our Leesa mattress coupon when you’re purchasing online. It seems that this trend is becoming more popular fueled by the massive savings that such a mattress can provide.

Leesa Mattress Coupon

In fact, many companies are jumping the bed in a box bandwagon in order to provide good performance for a price point that resonates with all shoppers. For these types of beds, online retailers are a bit more lenient as they offer a solid return policy.

The Bed In A Box Concept

The idea seems to be the same: the product is compressed and sealed in a plastic bag, rolled up, and placed inside of a box. You can understand the name bed in a box quite literally. The only difference is that many of these products are memory foam; therefore, the compression does nothing to hinder the actual quality of sleep. Some offerings do include an innerspring, and you may even find inflatable options.

Studies have shown that a bed in a box may be cheaper, but they are perfect for most people. In this case, having fewer options to choose from when shopping online doesn’t equate to poor sleep. Petite, mid-weight, and even tall individuals can find the perfect one to get a good night’s rest.

What If You Aren’t Happy?

Most consumers are aware that a mattress can cost nearly a thousand dollars or more. Unless you have a hefty budget to burn, you will instantly start to recognize the many benefits of going with a bed in a box. The one way that these mattresses are different than their more expensive counterparts is that they come from off-brand companies.

You’re unlikely to find Serta, Sleep Number or Vera Wang in a box, and that can be a good thing. The point is that expensive mattresses are nearly impossible to return, whereas, a bed in a box option isn’t just affordable, but quite easy to return if you don’t like it. If you’re looking to get a discount use the Leesa coupon.

Since return policies are pretty lax with a bed in a box, you have more freedom to explore options. Some furniture stores are also starting to stock these options. That’s if you prefer to try before you buy, it’s something you can do with ease. You can also use a Leesa promo code.

Do I Need A Box Spring?

Most manufacturers will provide recommendations for your purchase on the box. It’s best to follow the recommendations set forth as not doing so may void your warranty. Depending on which one you will choose, a box spring or a platform bed may be fitting. If you do need a foundation or a box spring, try going with a cheap option as mostly it’s just a fabric covered box.

If you don’t have the funds to spend a fortune on your sleeping surface, a bed in a box is a reliable and affordable alternative. Many brands and options are available, and you’ll feel better about the return policy options. Be sure to apply your discount and promo at the end of your buying process!

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