Is It Harder to Rank for “NYC Dentist” or “Buy Baseball Hat”?

When it comes to doing search engine optimization is all about ranking for various keywords that people are likely to search on Google. The goal is that when people search for these keywords that they will find your website, your articles, your videos and any media that you have created for that keyword. When it comes to absolute terms, it is easy to rank for some than others. Most the time it comes to competition, specificity and only knowing what people are going to search for.

The question at hand is which keyword is it easier to rank for? NYC dentist or by baseball hat?

The first thing we will talk about when tackling the subject is about how generic one is over the other. Which one do you think gives the most detail? Which one do you think more people search for each and every day? Which one do you think has geolocation relevance and extra juice that makes it very useful?

As you can probably already tell “buy baseball hat” will be the Hardy keyword to rank. It will be the harder keyword to rank because it is a national keyword. It doesn’t give any location information that now is down the people who will look for it, it isn’t very specific, it’s very generic, and it is something that time of the different websites will naturally rank for, thus making it far more competitive and difficult to rank for this keyword.

Now take a look at “NYC dentist” or any type of keyword that you wish to rank for. If you have a very specific keyword it will be easier to determine what kind of competition you are going agains. It tells you exactly the location and the industry that the person is looking for. This keyword will not give the person results from Atlanta Georgia, or Houston Texas are any other place in the world but NYC. It is also a service industry, so it naturally narrows down the websites that will rank for that. So with this, you have a location identifier and a very particular industry, and all of these things work together perfectly to make this the easier keyword to rank for.

The lesson is that when trying to rank for keywords, you need something that isn’t going to be hyper-competitive. You don’t need something that is going to be generic for tons of different websites conserve that information. What you’re looking for instead is something very specific, something very niche, something that gets the person exactly what they need. Matter-of-fact we doubt that many people go on the Internet and type in buy baseball hat it just doesn’t happen. People are typically looking for something more specific. They are looking for a baseball hat for a particular team. They might be looking for Yankees baseball hat or best price Yankees baseball hat or something similar. They are looking for something generic. Nobody just wants a baseball hat they want to hat from their favorite team.

So as you get more into search engine optimization, you have to utilize these things to increase your success.